Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best of 2014: Your Favorite Posts/Outfits + A Few Facts

I started off the year realizing I really dropped the ball on Clothe the Tiger blog. I was very popular on from 2009-2011. Once the site started to die down and I lost motivation my stats dropped and I lost all following.

2014 was a year of growing. I had my personal business, I moved away from my loved ones all the way to Los Angeles starting fresh, and I realized what is most important in life: food and fashion. Just kidding! My little niece turned 2 this year and she has really opened my eyes to see how much my family means to me and the responsibility I now have toward her future. Today I am proud of who I have become and who I can call family and friends.

2015, I hope to make you my b*tch and get back into this blog. I do not want to let myself down. Yes, myself. The only way to succeed in this career is to make sure I love myself first!
I will make this blog a success. Wish me luck!

your 5 favorite posts

random facts
  • This year around 44,000 people visited my blog!
  • My main traffic sources are from BlogLovin' and google searches.
  • My overall "following" are mainly located in the US and Czech Republic.
  • I changed my hair 4 different times! (5 if you count my wig)
  • My most popular 'label' is my Portrait label!
  • 2014 is the first year in 5 years I stopped only wearing heeled shoes.
  • I got 5 out of my 7 tattoos in 2014
  • I made the biggest decisions of my life this year and finally learned to grow up and became a new woman.

Most Viewed Outfits per month

This year has been mainly about my family. Even though I moved away from them, they still were there for me every step of the way helping me and always encouraging me to do my best. Below is a video my family made for our Aunt Renee. I am proud of my family.


  1. I love your style retrospective!
    I wish you an amazing NYE and a very happy 2015!



  2. @Jeanne thank you so much! I love when I recieve sweet comments <3
    You also have a great night and be safe! I'll see you in 2015 ;)