Tuesday, November 29, 2011

     Decided to stay at my aunts' house for the rest of the week. What is the point of driving home when I am going to just drive back a day and a half later? Decorated trees yesterday and a majority of today. They looked really good and the customers looked satisfied. Enjoying "the perks" my aunts like to call all the special treatment I get while I stay here. Tomorrow I am off with my aunt Renee to some landmark, forgot the name. She has been going on and on about landmarks ever since I said America is ugly. Which I only said cause I saw the photographs my aunt Kelle took in New Zealand/Australia. If you compare the US to them, yes, it is ugly. Anyways, hopefully I can get good shots tomorrow of this landmark.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Next two days will be spent in Palm Desert. Helping out my aunt Kelle by decorating the communities Christmas trees. Yep, that time of year all the Christmas deco comes out to play. Excited to see them and be out of my house for a couple days. Til I am home, farewell.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pasadena Black Friday

Davis is so mature.
     Pasadena on Black Friday, was not as crazy as I expected. Although we did not get there until 12 o'clock. I have never gone shopping on a Black Friday, so I did not know what to expect. Davis dyed his hair blonde, inspired by Rhianna's We Found Love. I am jealous, I wish to go blonde so badly.
     I really need to hire a photographer (not being serious). I am just never in the photos..I am nonexistent. I am the only one with a nice camera in my group of friends so I am always in control of it. My fault, I just need to get more aggressive and not so awkward and ask them! None of us bought anything, well, Chris-tinka bought MAC lipstick. Many compliments and stares directed to Davis, as usual. He is one of the bravest people I know which makes me admire him so much more. Besides the fact that on the way home he unbuckled his seat belt and reared his a$$ against my front window and "twerked" it to Girl Talk All Day. WOW.

side note

     I just wanted to wish all the Americans a merry Thanksgiving. A day late, but whatever. Found this old photo I edited of my dog Rilo and I when I took him for a walk through the wash. I really need to organize my photo albums. Anyways, today I have off and I am going to Pasadena with my friends Davis, Christink, and possibly Mariah. Not going to shop as of I am broke, but it will be nice to get out.

t e x t u r e

corduroy pants-H&M | cuff rings-H&M | bracelet/ring-ASOS | necklace-Buffalo Exchange | orange sweater-yard sale | suede/jean jacket-thrift | Sam Edelman booties | purse-thrift
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Too awkward to be a Style Blogger.

white blazer-F21 | Tripp NYC leather pant | Sam Edelman booties | green jacket-my mama's |  green necklace-thrift | stripe sweater-H&M | gray basic tee-H&M | metal rings-H&M

     I feel really stupid when I ask someone to take a photo of me, so in return my photo comes out looking stupid. I was not born to be in the limelight, that's for sure. Next time I go to Disney, I either want to bring my own companion, or just not go. Going in an odd number sucks, especially with a couple... My pass expires January 9th though, so I need to get my use out of it! Also, I will never be ordering food at Disney again. My 5 dollar french fries was much more appatizing than the 20 dollar seafood crepe I got. I wish I had a time machine to go back and save my money!