Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My 7 Outfit Tricks to Looking Slimmer

 1. BLACK SHOES, BLACK PANTS. One of my rules I have had my whole life is to always match my shoe color with my pant color. The only exception is heeled sandals. Black is super slimming, and when you tuck in your pants to a pair of matching boots it elongates your legs in result making you look taller. Which always makes you look slimmer.

 2. FLARE PANTS. Skinny jeans draw attention to your hips and upper leg. To balance it out wear a pair of flared pants. The straight leg trend came in and flared pants were out. I even noticed the thinning effect once when I was younger but I love (and still love) straight pants. I couldn't get out of my comfort zone. They have made a comeback and for obvious reasons: get the right fit and it makes magic. It draws your eyes downward and the flare tends to hide the shoes, which makes you look taller.

 3. HIGH WAIST JEANS. The most slenderizing item is a pair of high waist/slim-fit pants in a dark denim or straight black. Tuck in your top or wear a cropped top with them to show off the elevated waist. Your waist is the smallest part of your upper body. Suck your belly into them and draw attention to it. Buy a pair with a bit of stretch so a muffin top doesn't occur. American Apparel's jeans tend to do that to me. The best brand I am aware of is BDG sold at Urban Outfitters.

 4. LONG COAT. For obvious reasons, a trench coat or long cardigan is also a slimming trick. It creates an illusion that your body is thinner than it really is by covering your two widest parts of your body (or mine at least): your ribs and hips. It then draws attention down to your legs. Pair it with a high waist bottom to make yourself look even thinner!

 5. ONE TUCK IN THE FRONT. I personally like to only tuck in one part of my top into my jeans. The tiny part of my shirt I tuck into my jeans creates great depth perception - your tummy looks flatter. The rest of the shirt falls at your hips, covering them with a triangular shape that is very flattering (as you see in my photo above). Chunky sweaters are the best with this trick.

 6. TIED AROUND YOUR WAIST. Tying a sweater/flannel/jacket around your waist helps direct the eye to the narrowness of your waist if worn with a looser dress. Tying it around your hips also gives the same affect as the long coat. It helps hide your upper leg making it look slimmer.

7. V NECK. A v neck dress or shirt that is cinched at the waist once again shows off your tiny waist. The open, upside-down triangle (again a triangle shape is slimming) pulls the eyes away from the midsection and gives the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body.


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