Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Outside Lands Inspo 2015

It is that time of year again for me to obsess over the San Francisco Music and Arts Festival - Outside Lands! Here are a few outfits I found over the internet featuring street styles from last years festival goers. I actually took my own from last year (you can view those here).

Last year, the final day of the festival got so damn hot, everyone was taking off their costumes and jackets. I was wearing a sequin halter top and it was still overbearing.

This year I plan on trying to master the hot to cold type of looks. I do not want too much inconvienience because who wants to wait on me while I stuff my oversized jacket into my bag. I am thinking flowy, thin long sleeves, and shorts.

I get extremely overheated QUICK, so my legs will most likely not get too cold. however, if I wear flowy outfits or long sleeves with thin material it helps give me coverage for cold weather or air flow for the heat. I honestly still have no clue what to wear... I may even bring back the tiger backpack I brought last year (even though fellow bus passengers wanted to murder me). Yet to see!

<3 Anda Brea

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Marie Claire Italia August '15

Publication: Marie Claire Italia August 2015 Model: Louise Pedersen Photographer: Nagi Sakai Fashion Editor/Stylist: Laura Seganti Hair: Kenshin Asano Make-up: Asami Taguchi

Thursday, July 16, 2015



I am featuring another piece I recieved from DressLink. It is a mimic of the Solace London Maire Top (original here) but again at a fraction of the price! This one is my favorite of what I have recieved. It is not the silky matieral, but it still looks very classy and well made. It fits with a deep v and cut out back that I adore. I feel very sexy and cozy in this top and highly recommend it!

photos taken by my aunt <3