Monday, March 31, 2014

My Coachella Guide 2014

I have never been to Coachella, nor have I ever really had the urge to go anyways. Two main reasons for me being a party-pooper: the heat and the monies! I am very sensitive to heat. The sun gives me a headache, i get over-heated very quickly, and I turn as red as a nice Xxtra Hot Cheeto. I do have a boyfriend tho that is set on perhaps paying my way. If that happens, what more of an excuse do I got besides "I can't hide from the sun." Which I can't, cause I bought the best hat ever...

 Unif Lore Hat will save my a$$ (or really my head!). Then I also am awaiting the arrival of the other three items. The two necklaces I bought from Dixi are super cute and trendy. The *bib* type necklace I keep seeing all over instagram and I am obsessed. I had to get it. Then the jacket I am a bit wary about right now, because I thought it was a duplicate of the jacket I have wanted for over a year now on NastyGal. Turns out it might be completely different. I bought it on Romwe because it was about $15 bucks cheaper and Romwe you can find great discounts online. I may just be psyching myself out, but fingers crossed it comes and I love it. My fault for being cheap I guess.

These are the items I wish to purchase. Or items of similar interest. It will be hot and so a fan is a must. Not sure if I want to go the electric route or give my wrist a good work-out. A bunch of cute socks to peek out of my shoes of choice. Which would be the Jeffrey Campbell Asylum Platform Boot. They have a bit of height, they look comfortable, and (like I said earlier) they could show off some cute socks if I wanted. Finally I need new non-stretch shorts. The Unif Hangover shorts look like they would be my best match but they are honestly too expensive for me.

Hopefully I get to go and my boyfriend won't despise me for working-it with him. I would love to experience this festival not only for myself, but with him. <3

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Makeup Essentials

I am definitely not good at applying makeup. I despise the act of doing it itself. But one thing I do not skip out on is my mascara (1st!), my eyesbrows (cause they are nonexistent), and my eyeshadow (not as important but def my 2nd). As you notice my right side of my eyebrow is lower than my left which causes my eyelid to sag over my eye more on that side... Yikes! Anyways, I can not fix that, so I create shadows using my eyeshadow (hence the shadow part -_-).