Sunday, April 23, 2017

Searching for that Shade

VINTAGE COACH BAG yard sale ($5)
EAGLE BOLO TIE thrift ($5)
BLACK LEVI JEANS thrift ($1)

 Coachella 2017 finally dies tonight. I have never been to Coachella and never wanted to. The only thing I find appealing about it is the fashion. Even then, these girls all wear the same thing then go back to dressing how they normally do the next Monday. Kind of silly to me...

Who says fringe can not be an all year thing? It is hot and I can not wear the layering I normally prefer. Thankfully fringe adds a spark of interest to any outfit. Plus twisting around on your heels never looked more delightful.

Speaking of fringe, I gave myself a new cut. Fringe bangs. I so far really enjoy them and think they are going to stick!


Friday, March 17, 2017

Californian Wildflowers

GREEN CAP thrift
SODA MULE thrift
ROMPER nectar 
Photos curtesy of my boyfriend.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017



 I am in love with this location! They redid this whole alley with artistic colors and paterns and it just brightens my dark dark heart.

If you have not guessed....tigers are my favorite animal. I can not turn down an article of clothing with some sense of tiger-esqe to it. Do not mistake though, I will not support a strong animal print. Just. Not. Me.

I have a booth now! Wha-whaaaat! I am selling old and new clothing along with some hand made articles. I am also in love with copper currently. I am painting copper paint on miscellaneous goods that are just darling.

These jean "corset" is my twist to the corset trend. They were attached to a pair of pants I made into distressed shorts to sell. I took a second look at it and decided it should live in my closet.

Hope all is well with ya kitties. Have a good st. patrick's day ;)

P.s. I have to give my mother a big thank you for taking these photos for me. She did a great job <3

Friday, February 17, 2017

Trends I am over & Styles you won't catch me in. The alternatives I would rather see.

Let me start this off by saying in no way am I wanting to offend anyone with what I am about to post. I have seen these styles and trends on others and I do see them pull it all off. However, they do not settle well with me and I do not want to sport them.

       Fishnet tights! fishnet tights? I have rocked these in my early years. By early I mean EARLY. I am talking my gothic phase in elementary and middle school. Purchased in the adult section with the help of my mom or at Hot Topic. I mean... Here is my sister and me years ago. I was in 7th grade. My sister and I are wearing them as shirts and have worn the tights as well.  They are just not for me anymore. I have done them, I did them often. I am over it.

     I would say the alternative to this trend of tights under jeans would be a simpler tight. I really enjoy how girls are pressing flowers under nude tights. It is so romantic and pretty. God forbid you had to pee in public and rearrange those delicate flowers, but it just looks gorgeous. Definitely not practical. Another alternative is beaded or sparkly tights. It adds detail and interest without looking too young.

     I like the look and all, but again, this just brings back memories of adolescent awkwardness I do not ever want to relive.

     Never will I ever sport this upcoming trend. Sorry Rihanna. Not even your iconic fashionista-self can not change this dead-set mind.

     Camouflage is another of those styles I relate to childhood or simply what it was made for: hunting. I find it unattractive. I have tinkered with this look a few times. I had one jacket my sister and I both got. It was okay, but every time I wore it I felt out of place. It is not my style.

     An alternative I would rather see pop up is watercolor fabrics. I compare the two together due to the collision of colors randomly placed. Water color is much more appealing to the eye. It is fluid where it collides verses camouflage are divided and cut-out.  Aka *cut it out* with the camouflage and bring in the watercolor!

     This one might sound harsher than intended. I can not find any better term to describe this fabric I just can not stand. Floral fabric that looks cheap. Often used in cheaper brand stores such as Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. It is cutesy and I can see where that is appealing to some girls, but for me I can not stand a cheap floral fabric.

     Cheap floral fabric to me are the ones with wide set flowers. There is little to no detail in them and/or the colors are too bright. They look too feminine -- in a bad way. A great floral is usually full of detail and the color hues go well together. As above you see a vibrant blue and pink. They are pretty colors but do not compliment one another. Verses the orange skirt with orange/white/red/black tones really flows well.

The alternative is just simply invest in a better fabric. Do not go cheap on a dress because ultimately you will look more put together with the better print.

    Here is just a little piece of fashion I never thought
    I would touch: wide leg pant. Not sure if these are
    classified as coulettes as well? Whatever. I would have
    never in all my years thought I would wear anything other
    than tight pants. These are flowy, elongate your legs and
    thus you look slimmer. I have a pair I plan on photographing
    soon. They are so comfortable and flattering I am so mad
    at myself for not discovering them sooner.

What do you think of my choices? 
Think I am nuts? 
Comment below and let me know what yours are!