Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Recent Tattoos and their Significance

 Triangle: Alchemy symbol for EARTH. Virgo is an Earth sign.
Clover: Four leaf clovers are representative of good luck. I asked that one of the leaves 
be dotted, not completely filled. I did so to represent that 
there will always be tough times. I just need to realize that I am a very lucky person 
and need to be grateful everyday for what I have.

Dots: My Virgo symbol looked lonely on my middle knuckle. 
So, I got 6 dots below it. 6 is Virgo's number.

I love you: handwritten by my Mama. She is my best friend, role model, 
and the greatest person I have yet to know and will ever know.

Cat Burger: why not? McDonalds was my childhood and cats have always 
been there to help me thru my tough times. My cats are my children.

^ that's what I get for laying in dirt -_-'


UNIF Hendrix Patchwork Short
Raggedy Shawl + Bronze Collar c/o Thrift Store
Back Vippe Sweater c/o H&M
Rockport Brown Leather Boot c/o Thrift Store
Headpiece c/o Urban Outfitters


Monday, April 14, 2014

Maybe the term selfie should have been founded off of me? I have been obsessed with taking photos of myself since I can remember. Never in front of others, but with the nice reassuring  beep of a timer. I was never the photogenic type, nor was I ever confident. Never confident actually. I just had an ocd feeling about expressing myself thru a lens. So I think I am going to start a new blogspot *label* called "image rewind." Editing is also a big part of my life. I absolutely adore it. I am pretty pathetic you could say... I went thru and picked (too many of) my favorites and edited them through the iPhone apps called "Snapseed" and "Afterlight."