Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Madame de Rosa's Angela Rozas Saiz

The queen of all gypsies! I have no similarity to her style, sadly. However, I don't think anyone has a similarity to her style. It is so unique! She has a gypsy, bohemian, western creative mess going on. A great mess. Angela has become my first victim of future closet raids. She has a style I would love to take a go at if I had the confidence and the cash. She is a great inspiration for me to come out of my style-shell. Not to mention I think she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Cheers to you Madame, for causing my biggest fashion envy EVER. But really, she knows how to mix the wrong prints to make them right. Also how to layer to her body. She looks pretty petite and she looks amazing how she layers her clothing together. (Layering always makes me feel shorter in a way..).

I really want to give a quote by her, but gosh, I am only fluent in English and Sarcasm... So here is what I believe maaaay be a nice personal style quote from her, but again I am not totally sure. Google translator did not help me so much in this department. I believe it is along the lines of saying "Imagination is an important ally in getting dressed." High school, oh how you failed me.
"Siempre os digo que para vestir la imaginaciĆ³n es importante y una buena aliada."
 Give her blog a visit here!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fountain Avenue

SHOE CULT AMPLIFY PLATFORM SANDAL (sold out, similar here) nasty gal

My roomate had the kindness to take photos of me again. Lawwwd, she took them on Fountain Ave. and it was so hard ha. So many cars were looking at me. People peeping out their windows or actually walking out and watching. I was having a hidden anxiety attack. But I did it! And I am happy because they came out pretty cool. I am so lucky to live where I am. I am dead center of all the coolest locations. 

Anyways, I got a lot of winks and "you're beautiful" so my confidence bar went way up, so I am feeling pretty goooood ;)


Friday, January 16, 2015

41 photos of Kate Moss!

She is known as fashion's silent supermodel. She is considered a worst role model to young girls but has captivated the lens for 25 years and counting! I do not remember the first time I saw and fell in love with Kate. I loved her cheek bones and followed her since. She may not be the most perfect person ever, but who the fuck is? She climbed her way to the top and she has stayed there. I have been calling her my "celebrity mama" since forever. I believe my love for fashion, photography, and of course leather all started from her. She is my absolute favorite model of all time. Happy Birthday beautiful!

"Never complain. Never explain." Kate Moss