Tuesday, May 26, 2015

San Diego Trip

Amazing weekend in San Diego for my close friend Chistina's birthday. We stayed at the Sheraton off of Harbor Blvd and has such a beautiful view! A few complaints about the Sheraton, the parking situation suuuucks. Plus it isn't included, you have to pay $25 per nite to park there. We were also charged pool fees and the spa only had apples and bananas! Where is the champagne and chocolates. The facial felt great though and our skin felt flawless. The woman could tell I even had British background. She also informed me that my skin type AGES FASTER! WTF, but that I have taken excellent care of it. I guess my dream of being tan won't come true naturally. I gotta stay out of the sun!

We never got to go into the pool sadly. I really wanted to take a cute bikini photo. The weather was kinda bogus. I love gloomy/rainy weather but it did not agree with our summer outfits. Other than that, I have a new respect for San Diego. Balboa Park is absolutely breath-taking! I would love to go back again to take outfit shots.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

The month of May for me has been amazing. 2015 is treating me so well! I spent the last two weekends in different cities with two separate groups of beloved friends and had such a great time. Vegas two weeks ago, then I just returned today form a weekend from San Diego. Here are a couple photos from this weekend. I plan to post some photos of my latest trip, just a tad bit tired and don't have the mental strength to do so. So instead I am curled up on my bed with my two beloved kitties and catching up on Game of Thrones.

Hope to post up soon