Thursday, August 28, 2014


I wore heels since 9th grade everyday I could. Working my way up from 1ich. That was 8 years ago? If my math is correct... Anyways, my heels make my boyfriend uncomfortable. He is not short, but not tall (aka average!). I do not mind it. When I wear heels I am even still a few inches shorter than him. He wants me to be short. I have bot been wearing heels in front of him, and not going to lie, I do not go out much without him. So I have packed away my 6inchers in the closet to collect dust.

I spend way to much money on my things to care if my boyfriend is happy (over me haha). They are making a comback!

PLAID PANT cheap ghetto store somewhere ;)
Kimchi Blue Esperanza Embroidered Halter Top **CAT HAIR NOT INCLUDED urban outfitters

Friday, August 22, 2014

Preparing for FYF: What's in my Bag

What is in my bag? I am bringing a small backpack this go-around. The tiger head seemed a bit too inconvenient and also too big. My main possessions coming with me: iphone, chapstick, wallet, hair ties, lipstick, sunnies, iphone lenses, and a camera.

 I am bringing my cute green leather "wallet/purse?" I bought this at a yard sale. It has loops on the back so you can wear it on your belt if you want to. I use it to store my money and ID card. It says you can never have too much cash, but if you don't have somewhere safe to store it, leave it all at home. The second photo is of the Tenorikuma coin purse. It will hold any hair accessories in case it gets too unbearablly hot for my hair to be down. An ex-friend of mine gave this to me. But not going to lie, she probably stole it. That bitch stole all my shit.

 They are greedy and do not allow you to bring in SLR cameras. I am bringing a disposable camera and my iphone with its detachable lens. They only bad thing about these lens is I have to take off my phone case. I am very prone to dropping my phone, so ladies make sure you have a great case as well!

Lastly in my bag, a great pair of sunnies! They say it is better to not wear a pair of sunglasses rather than a pair with no-UV protection. I bought these at Urban Outfitters two years ago. I just fixed the and they are ready for tomorrow. Nothing is worse than trying to watch a performance and it is just ruined due to squinting. I would rather not watch. In this photo you also can see my Maybelline lipstick  Electric Orange. I will also be carrying my MAC Pink Plaid lipstick and some chapstick. The heat kills me, I need to take care of all my skin.

 First time for me to go to FYF! Is it just FYF or is it FYF Fest.... whatever. I heard it is hot, dusty, but it is so close to where I live! So Lyft is going to get some money out of me. I am most excited to see The Stokes. I have been a huge fan (they are my ultimate favorite band) since they started. I found them when I was in elementary school. I am 21 now so that is commitment. 

Can't wait to see everyone there! <3