Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Outside Lands Street Style 2014

I tried so hard to get more "street style" shots in but I just felt so awkward to ask people! Or the others that caught my eye did not look approachable. Yes, I am judging them without knowing them. They just had that "I'm hot sh*t" face (which I have a bitch face too ;) ) that I did not want to even bother. So I snuck some, and bothered others!

I was trying to capture everything UNIF I saw haha
And then people would jump in my shots (aka my dumb sister!) then they noticed I was taking it and I felt dumb trying after that ha

Yea not too good, but the people I did go up to and bug were all very sweet and it was fun!
I just need to be more open to speaking to strangers.

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