Monday, June 22, 2015

Makeup Review: COVER | FX and Murad

When people ask me about my skin, I am hoestly baffled. My skin is red toned, very dry on the T zone (but the wrong products make me look oily), and I am a tad sensitive to certain products. I feel my answer always contrdicts each other and they never can give me the right products.

I went into sephora the other day bare faced and basically said "You tell me what I am."

The woman was super sweet and actually did my makeup for me. She saw my redness and my current peeling nose (form a recent sea-dooing trip) and ran around the store scoping out the right products. She first applied a primer. The Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Sheild. This product will help protect my fair skin from the sun with its built in SPF 30 and is actually proven to help reduce visble signs of aging. The product fills in your pores and wrinkles to help give a more smooth effect.

She then suggested Cover FX to me. The COVER FX Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation caught my attention becase it is first oil free. My skin is dry, but give me too much oil and it just looks oily and flaky at the same time. This product also protects against pre-mature aging. But this is wear my redness is tamed. It is long wear and and water resistant!

We were all done when I asked about a finishing powder. She said most dry skinned people do not need the powder, but the COVER FX brand did have one that acted more as a setting powder rather than another layer of foundation. COVER FX Illuminating Setting Powder also helps reduce redness while helping keep your foundation lasting all night long. I wore what she applied to me the rest of the night and I felt like my skin looked clear and beautifully toned.

I wore it over the weekend. Pros: My skin did not feel as if I were wearing any makeup. I felt light andmy complexion was all even. I loved it. Cons: Over the night, I noticed my skin looked shiny. The makeup did not wear off, but more so it just had more of a shine. It is also very hot right now (reached 115 in Palm Desert) so it may just be due to that. Nothing oil pads can't fix!

Before purchasing online, make sure to stop in a Sephora store yourself BAREFACED! It really helps for them to really see what skin type you are. Even if it is uncomfortable, you'll get the best results!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

June Wishlist 2015

 The last two months I have not been lusting after anything in particular. I am still digging the lace-up wedge trend that is going on now. I really like the thin striped tops as well. Anything with a deep v (daftbird tee and wrap tops) are my biggest obsession. The Daftbird tee looks so casual and cool. I really want one. However with its $79 price tag I am holding off. $80 for a tee-shirt is quite ridiculous no matter how stylish it is. Other than stripes I am also really into wrap details. It goes a bit hand in hand with my lace-up wedge obsession. I just like easy details. Lastly I found a new brand of body wraps, jewelry, etc. I want one of their body wraps. It is easy to turn any boring/simple outfit into something so edgy. I love that easy fix. 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/



EX-BOYRFRIEND JEANS (similar here) yard sale
MONTEAU LOS ANGELES TOP mama's closet ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

formal casual

WOVEN VEST yard sale

Spent the last weekend photographing my brother-in-law's brother's graduation. I wore this outfit to his ceremony. I was going for a very casual yet formal look. So I blended bohemian with this typical casual dress. It looks a tad thicker on the bra region due to the fact I was wearing a bathing suit under it... (I changed after I realized what a great opportunity this was but did not feel it neccessary to take off my bathing suit). They stayed at a 1.9 million dollar house and I had to photograph at it. So I forced my b-i-l to take these snaps. It was gorgeous.

My pregnant sissssssy was just chilling in the background putting up with me ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


VERO MODA BLOUSE (old, shop their brand) asos
PYLO COIN BELT (sold out, similar here) pylo
PURSE thrift store

Spent the end of May with my honey boo. Sushi, sweet talks, the usual. I rocked this PYLO belt (which unfortunately sold out right after I bought it). I was a little worried. It is very light (only cost $20) and so the coins move more than other belts I tried on (never bought due to the price). I jingled my way thru the streets. But as my bf said, he would never loose me.

This top I bought from ASOS back when I was in high school finally made its way back to the front of my closet. I am so sick of what I own and so I went through everything and chucked what I have not worn. This top is so soft and was made so well I could not bare to desert it. It fits me as a dress due to my short stature. But it looked great, in my eyes, with the mix of gray clothing.

Last item I want to review: the cruising all night coat. I bought the XS. Almost regretted it, but as I wear it it does actually fit. Maybe it stretched? opps. Love the grey, but I do have two complaints. The flaps do not have a button to latch on, so they fly everywhere. Then the belt slips out and twists all over in its belt loops that causes an unflattering hunch back. Besides the two small complaints, I do not regret buying this jacket.

Hope you all are doing well, and my yummy sushi photos don't make you too hungry. A bitch sitting beside me I guess was making fun of me as I was taking those photos. I wish my boyfriend would have told me so I could flip the camera on her and just cause a little scene called "shut the fuck up" ;) but I did not know until it was too late.

P.s. If anyone has heard of Ropa Collection (made in Brazil) please inform me. This purse has it engraved on the metal plate and I can not find anything on it. Love this piece though!