Saturday, July 28, 2012

Did I Stutter?

thrifted lace top | DIY shorts | yard sale velvet brown boots
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Friday, July 27, 2012


Returned home from Palm Desert. Cleaned my aunties' dogs' teeth, ate delicious foods, walked soccer (ha), and swam. Praise the lord for swimming pools! It felt so good. I really need a new bathing suit. The one I am wearing in the photos is from Target. Anyone know a good place for one? Keep in mind I am short and stubby so a complimentary one would be appreciated!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The old me does not like the new me.

thrifted jean shirt | DIY high waist shorts | yard sale brown velvet boots | NIWL beanie | thrifted lace cardigan
see this look on!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

but then again...

I have never been that girl that had to have specific brands, shop specific stores. I think it's a waste to limit oneself. Then Unif and One Teaspoon came along. I can not resist the magnetic pull these two brands have on me. I want everything, and anything they make. 

These are a few of the main items I would do anything for.
Send me them if you wanna ;3 

"The history: We first heard about Unif from one of our favorite blogger babes, Christine at UNIF was created by her boyfriend, Eric Espinoza, and the two of them work their butts off creating new pieces inspired by grunge, chaos and all things trippy.
Unif started off as a small operation and quickly earned a ton of fans thanks to their honest, gritty designs.

Why we love 'em: We fell in love with Unif's UK Garage meets anarchy and grunge punk techno style. Unif's makes everything from badass ripped up muscle tees to tie dye dresses to the infamous Hellbound and Hellhounds.

This brand in one word:grungy"
description provided by Dolls Kill

"The history: All the way from Sydney Australia, One Teaspoon was created by Jamie Blakely. It's true that she sewed the first collection in her bedroom.
One Teaspoon has come a loooong way. It's been making the blogging rounds with gals like Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast.
Over ten years later, and One Teaspoon is still dishing out the goods.

Why we love 'em: Shorts. Shorts. Shorts. Need we say more? We are totally in love with One Teaspoon's amazing shorts that come in a gazillion cuts and washes.
Don't forget the dresses, muscle tees and bottoms in super beachy, grungy and minimalistic styles.

This brand in one word: Beach-babe"
description provided by Dolls Kill

Some photos from my Brother's 2012 Graduation

Friday, July 20, 2012


Got a new place, with my sista! Sorry for the lack of posting the last two months? One month? I don't even know, and doubt anyone even noticed.

Took these in my new room. Oh so artistic and creative? Just kidding. Just was home alone and VERY bored, so I charged up my camera and kept myself occupied.

Can't wait to post more outfits soooooOooooOooooOoooon!

Anda Brea :3