Monday, March 23, 2015


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Gladiators took to the Spring runway, so it's time to bring out your inner bohemian and get a pair of your own. My favorite pair belonged to the Chloe 2015 Collection. They were these great pairs of wedge gladiator sandals (middle photo above). They are gorgeous! They can be yours too for the bargain price of $1400! Hell no. That ain't and probably never will be my budget for a shoe.  There have always been cheaper options in the gladiator trend. I just really like the tiny height added to Chloe's.

Saturday, March 21, 2015



Like I have mentioned, I am partially living in Hollywood and Palm Desert in the moment. I am finally willing to announce I am moving out of Los Angeles and going to start attending college in the summer!

My new room is not set up at all, and I have been sleeping on the floor so my cats aren't lonely in the room by themselves. The dresser above was all refinished by myself: from dark brown to gray. I can't wait to start a new chapter in my life (and to decorate a whole room to myself!).

Thursday, March 19, 2015

healthier me.

This hike was gorgeous! The snow from the mountains washed down into Tahquitz Canyon and is streaming through the waterfall beautifully. I have committed this year to never eating fast food again. That is right! The Fast Food Queen (own name given) has retired from her thrown. I have been without fast food all of 2015 thus far! In-n-Out does not count ;)

With hanging out with my Aunt, I am also trying to walk more. We do the Bump & Grind a 2 mile hike uphill then a 2 mile hike back down. I am commited to turning my life around and being a tad bit healthier. I need to get some cuter work out attire though. That is what truly matters.

March Wishlist 2015

This month I am craving bold and dramatic prints, sneakers, off-the-shoulder beach vibed tops, monochrome, and moons! I have never been a sneaker person, or much of a no-heel person. I am five foot one and my legs love a good heel. However, lately I have been going on a 4mile hike up on the Bump&Grind and my calves need a good stretching. Wearing heels eeeeeveryday is not convenient. I am also currently into off-the-shoulder. I am not a summer person. I want as little sweat as possible! The easy access to breezes is perfect. I don't want a tube top though, I prefer the "beachy" looking tops like above! Possibly with stripes the same. Monochrome, monochrome. I am moving and I want my new room to be perfect. I love simplicity and white! These kitty bookends are just a cut way to get my crazy-cat-lady on with also keeping it simple and not too crazy. Lastly, moons! I am a night person and feel like I live more for the moon than the sun. Moons just seem so magical to me and I am really looking for a cool choker with a silver moon. Anyone know of any? 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

yellow speckle

EGO AND GREED CROSS-OVER 200 FLATFORM (sold out buy them here) dolls kill
HAT (old) urban outfitters
JACKET yard sale
SWEATER thrift

I have not posted an outfit post in a month! A f*cking month! I am currently living between Hollywood at my apartment and my Aunt's home in Palm Desert so I do not have access to my things! So sorry guys.

Anyways I pulled together an old sweater of mine, one teaspoon jeans that I have had forever but never photographed and my easy platforms to post this for you! My new room has carpet (ewwwww) and it makes me not want to photograph in there. But I tried it with the ol' stool modeling and I kind of like how these turned out. Not the best, but makes me thing of vintage a bit. No? Okay okay ;)

Anyways the 95 degree weather here is killing me as spring/summer approach. All I gotta say to summer is a big fuuuuuck youuuuu!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Heat 2015

I got my car back! Still no progress of an actual fashion post :\
Here are a few photos we took for Riverside's Heat 2015. Panic at the Disco played and god damn they are so good. A couple of douches started moshing and I was thrown across the crowd for a second, but it was all still a good time.

Hope to post soon!
Anda Brea