Friday, June 27, 2014

purse 'n boots' Ashley Glorioso

So basically this is my outfit goals! Right here, right above ya! This girl has everything I want and need, including the money! HA. She is a stylist for big name brands' look books and she does it well. Not only well, but extraordinary. I mean look at her? They wouldn't have to go thru her portfolio. They'd hire her on the spot for her personal wardrobe. I am in love with her tomboy-kill-girly vibe. She takes even girly pieced and blends them perfectly with harsh pieces that totally wipes the girly-vibe clean. That is what I thought I did...however, everyone still calls me girly. So I guess I am wrong haha. I went thru her WHOLE BLOG yesterday to pick out the outfits (as such above) and shit, maybe I am off, but she predicted this years trends two years ago. She is probably two years ahead of our trends. I noticed she also does not sell out like I have noticed some of my old favorite bloggers do. Aka, their blog starts to become popular and stores send in their clothes to them to wear in their blogs, but they don't style it like themselves... it is a whole new persona. She sticks with her style thru the ages, and it is exactly what I want!

"...i love this skirt. love the shit out of it. its so see thru and pretty so of course i have to de-girly it with a super holey tee and a harness..."
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

meet my new babes

          Bought myself some plants! I have had a green crazy this last month. I bought two cactus collections, a tall dracaena, and some catnip!! My cat Ddenam loves it. SO happy, she has been stressed for over a few months and due to that she started to pull out her hair. Hopefully this plant will occupy her! <3

Friday, June 20, 2014

Quick Update: A Memoir from My Roomate to her Traveling BF

(I thought this was hilarious when she read part of her email to me. Sums up my new living perfectly).

"I really did not realize how loud this apartment would be, I guess with kids I can expect it. I think living in a city is going to take some getting used to. Weekdays I can expect to be up a little before 8am because that's when everyone goes to work. So the loud roar of, I think a couple of motorcycles, car doors slamming, the sounds of the ignitions. All of this, then silence followed by a few mumbled voices, hacking, coughing, blowing noses, more hacking, and then the smells come through the window. I have no idea what these people are cooking for breakfast but it smells like beans, India, and bad garlic. The smells come in intervals, very strong and pungent, and then nothing for a few minutes until another comes wafting through. Then, the sound of children at about 9:30. Playing games and counting. and screaming, MOOOMM, wailing and crying. OH I forgot the slam of the screen doors, and the random gibberish from the moms, the cooing of the pigeons, and the helicopter, which comes over our building every hour or so. I don't know why it does, but it comes back pretty much every hour on the hour starting at about 8am. About 2pm, give or take, comes pool time, where all the children gather at the pool to scream and play and splash until about 6pm. Amanda says I should write a book. I thought about writing a sitcom about living in an apartment complex in the ghetto. They have already done that, it was called, The Pjs. It was located in the Projects and starred Eddie Murphy."
— with Cassara Holt.


My favorite pieces and shots from UNIF's Summer Collection 2014!