Saturday, June 18, 2016

Outfit on a Budget.

I am not a saint when it comes to buying clothes. I used to buy over $400 worth of things per month back when I was an idiot. I have learned to overcome my shopping addiction slowly but surely and now I perhaps spend under $40 bucks per month!

The outfit I am wearing is very basic yet fashionable. I am wearing what most people can find in their own closet. The difference between most and mine, however, is my outfit is under $15. Yep. This including: free sweater from yard sale, $1 shorts from Goodwill, $5 sunnies from local shop, hand-me-down belt from my mama, $5 yard of string (for choker) from Jo-anns and a genuine leather COACH purse for only $3 at a yard sale.

I am not the biggest fan of shopping only name brands. I think a lot of rags could and can be made into riches ;). The first thing I overcame was looking in my massive collection of clothes and realizing I wear the same thing over and over and such expensive articles of clothing go to waste! I would buy something and never wear it. But I HAD to have it...

I am the biggest fan of thrift stores. And no, not just LA ones. LA I find good peices, ones I never could think would be so cheap! It is a dream what I find out there sometimes. But what comes with LA is a lot of overpricing. I love to find back alley thrift stores that sell items for cheap. For example, Goodwill is widely popular but the shorts I am wearing were only a dollar! A damn dollar and they are exactly the trend.

All I would like to finish out with is an outfit should not wear you, you should wear the outfit. You can make literally anything look good if you give it a try and style it correctly. No need to empty those bank accounts!