Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photos by Kassie Deboer
Top: Jessica and Myself. Bottom: Jenni Jayne

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

random photos from my week

Photos by self and Jenni

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach with my sister, friends, and their new house mate. Not much to say about the day except it was fun, full of yummy food, creepy older men, and relaxation. Needed a beach trip so badly, and really want to go again. Jenni left her "bundle for a cause" everywhere. She wrote this poem and typed it out, made bundles of flowers, and stuffed them in bottles as shown above. She even listed some links for causes she is promoting on the bottom. Here is her poem, enjoy!

What are we but sheep being herded
For money for the Man
For profit, for land
If we don’t take advantage of our natural born rights?
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
I certainly won’t go down without a fight.

Tell me of your pursuit, of your happiness.

Tell me your quality of life doesn’t rise and fall like the prices of gas
Up and down, up, up, “at least we’re going up“, right?
Up in flames
That’s all I see
A nation ruled by greed and money.
You confused conformities of cynics, who put that doubt in you?
Did the Man tell you that you couldn’t fight for yourself?
Did he tell you that you’re just one person? What can ONE person do?

What can one person do? I’m one person.

You’re one person.
Your true lover is one person.
Your silly brother is one person.
Your sweet mother is one person.
That’s five persons.

They say three’s a crowd and we have five persons.

I’ve heard of crowds moving mountains, you know.
Mountains of poverty, mountains of cruelty
But there are still mountains and mountains to go.

What are we but sheep being herded for wool?

They’ve taken my coat but they can’t take my soul.
They’re shakin’ my pride but they won’t take the whole

I’m talking to you.

Do something.
You’re not really a sheep, are you?

~jenni gunther 

*“4 FOR CHANGE” – no gas the 4th of every month – do your part to decrease the demand*
* demand better fuel for cars **
* demand GMOS to be labeled on our food **
*fight and spread awareness for a safe cancer cure **

Saturday, May 19, 2012

House warming party!

I'm no classy bitch. I love my beer pong and grinding music blasting as friends mingle and shot out the lyrics they believe are correct. My sister moved in with one of my high school friends (odd if you ask me) and one of her close friends she has known for years. The place needs more clean up but it has a lot of potential. Plus, with my interior design skills :3 I will make it awesome.

Top photo is me posing next to joseph gordon-levitt's doppelganger. He is Jenni's boy that I messed with all night about how much he looked like him. He hated it. Second photo: Jenni, Maze, and me. Third: a stranger. And the last one: Jeff, Fady, Chris, and their banfs guitarist whom I forgot the name of. Nathan I believe? Fady is the boy I have been seeing. All I can say is Chhhheeeeoooww! Libra boys so far are amazing.

Friday, May 11, 2012

COKE, enjoy.

UNIF studded jacket | Jeffrey Campbell night walk boots | DIY Coke muscle tee
see this look on

So as all of you can tell...I really dig photography and Photoshop. The two P's! I take so many photos of myself and to be honest, none of the people I know in real life know it! I am so antisocial and introverted and when it comes to other people taking photos of me, don't get me started. So it isn't weird I like to post these photos for absolute strangers, right? Right?

*silence then fell over the room*

I really do appreciate every one of my followers. I am sad to say I only have 150 or so, but I am so happy that every one of you follow me so this blog does not feel as pointless as I sometimes am lead to believe. So thank you, and keep on rockin'! (cheesy me needs some sleep apparently!)