Tuesday, December 2, 2014

friendsgiving '14

Holidays I am busy! Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, birthdays, etc. Sorry I have not been too on top of the blog.

There is nothing like meeting up with all your family for a great meal. I may not have a huge family, but our family has adopted other families and we all stick together. True friends of our lives are also family - at least to us when we pick 'em (minus me, I am usually wrong, opps). But one thing I admire about my boyfriend is, he has the BEST FRIENDS I have ever met. All so sweet and genuine. I have written all about them in my Outside Land posts.

We just went down to their family's home in Long Beach and partied amung his family and all their friends. I got a lotta drinks in me (opps again, but not really) and went on a photo-spree! It was fun and we ate a ton of yummy homemade foods.

Here are my favorites. Sorry again for the lag of blogging ;)

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