Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas!

     The only thing I truely enjoy on Christmas is all my family hanging out with one another. My mom, dad, brother, sister, her boyfriend, and my two greatest aunts ever known to existence!
     Besides that I do not find myself to be enthusiastic about Christmas as I was when I was young.
     We ate delicious tri-tip steak my dad prepared to perfection, opened presents, our stockings, and watched the Lakers all day for the sack of my dad, aunt Kelle, and Jesus (my sister's boyfriend). I got new tires for my car, a itouch 4 (first I have ever owned), and some really nice little nick-nacks.
     I hope all my followers had a great Christmas, if you are a celebrator, and have a great new years! My new years will be spent in San Fransico! Can not wait. Til next post, farewell.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Star Wars kind of Christmas

Watching the Star Wars saga on blue-ray all this Christmas Eve with my brother.

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'll lay in the tub til I melt away.

 Why do I say I am unique when all my actions prove to be typical. 
I don't know how to get rid of the feelings, and yet do I want to? 
It is a girl's fantasy that she can change him. 
But fantasy isn't reality.
 I'm not much a poet, so don't expect much.

It's like you're screaming,
but no one can hear.
You have succumbed to his will.
He is your puppeteer.
What do you do
when the fondness is abused?
Your lungs concave
and your heart becomes bruised.

He chose another,
but uses you as his personal toy.
At first it is so endearing,
but thereafter you just become annoyed.

When his other returns,
he is bittersweet.
Forgetting your existence.
Playing his game of cheats.

You feel so used.
You feel disconnected.

Why is his touch so captivating
when it is just temporary?
You just want his affection.
Your movements never wary.

When he's done 
he pulls away from you.
That's when the misery resurfaces.
It is all you are used to.

But if it were over
and it was all gone.
You'd rather keep all the negativity
to keep all the good memories foregone.

You almost feel ashamed
that someone could be that important.
No one will ever understand how much it hurts
even if to him you might not be as significant.

(inspired from the beginning intro of We Found Love|rihanna)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Siblong Shoot 2.1

vest-thrift | cold shoulder blouse-ASOS | leather skirt-H&M | heels-F21
see this look on!

Sibling Shoot 2.0

Sweater-H&M | feather earring-UO
see this look on!

Part two of our family shoot for Christmas gifts. Took us long enough to get my brother involved.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Got some new goods. I was going to post some of them, but I don't have the energy and decided i'd go to bed for once! Bought high waist leather shorts from H&M, feather earrings, couple rings and a choker from thrift, and new records (Tom Petty, Zeppelin, and Joplin to be exact). 
I'll try to get to uploading tomorrow. I loved my outfit today but never got the chance to get a photo. This is all I got.
Goodnite, Anda Brea.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So there is this girl I used to know, and well we are definitely not friends anymore. She stole my clothes, my sister's clothes, and when confronted turned into a hermit crab and ran away from her problems. I've mentioned her in posts previously.
I searched my "if it's illegal to rock and roll, throw my a$$ in jail" and guess what I found...a link to that same girl's blog on tumblr. I clicked it, and found she used the quote under one of her personal photos. Now you can say "That is a common Kurt Cobain quotation!" but she also used the *$ sign. (see mine here)
So of course I got curious, and looked some more. I saw another one she named "Self exposure." That sounded awfully familiar as well. And underneath her photo she put "trying something new." I wrote the exact thing word-for-word on my lookbook post "SELF EXPOSURE." (see this one here)
Then looking through her blog I spotted three images I had put into an inspiration post that her tumblr had no hits on all in a row. Meaning, she saved them, then uploaded them to her blog on tumblr, and did not reblog them from previous users. A bit too much of a coincidence you think?
Now, I know all of you followers could care less about this...but she is obviously scoping my things...meaning she will read this. And I just want her to know I know.

So to all my followers, bear with this annoying post, and have a good night

Monday, December 12, 2011

My growing collection.

Estate sales and yard sales are better than the thrift stores! Cheap, classics, personal items these people held dear, and unbelievable finds. Did I mention cheap? I have been collecting vinyls, weather I am dying for the album or not. Like the Tina Turner, she is popular and I like a few songs, so I added her to my collection. I found a couple Police albums, a thrashed Beatles (but I will be making it into deco), greatest classical hits, Tina, Heart, and a Frank Sinatra I gave to my ex because well it is an inside joke I made up. He loved it, so the joke was a success!

Fast Food Queen

red/gold earrings-ASOS | indian handmade neckwear-yard sale | red tank with beige spots-thrift
see this look on!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

mix inspiration 110812

Photo Sources: unknown
The ombre hair photo is from my friend Davis. I wish I could do that.