Monday, August 17, 2015

New addition to my family, less blog time.

My sister finally popped out her second child this last saturday around 6 o'clock. My second niece was born; Parker Bethalyn Joan. I am currently occupied as I am helping take care of my sister. She had an emergency c-section and can not do much on her own. So, I will not be updating my blog for a week or so. I know all would understand.

Love ya cats,
Anda Brea

Thursday, August 13, 2015

San Francisco Outside Lands 2015

2015's Outside Lands is over. womp womp.

Not too rowdy this year, a very small group of myself, my boyfriend, his brother, then his girlfriend. Colored hair and two handsome brown boys ;) The peak of my weekend was Saturday (sorry Elton John). I finally got to see The Black Keys. They are so much better live, it is amazing. Elton John of course is a close second along with Billy Idol. They are legendary. Elton John just had the best energy and attitude with his fans. Stood up and bowed after every song with a huge smile.

This year I noticed a lot of the same outfits. Girls really stepped up their game this year I feel. A lot of girls (including myself) wore the plunging lace-up bodysuit along with colorful shaggy coats and bohemian bell bottoms. It is sad to say, but we all look alike. Of course every outfit has their own personality to it, however, we all wore a lot of the same things! Not a bad thing though, great minds think alike?

Anyone else go to Outside Lands this year? Comment below your experience or opinions!