Saturday, July 30, 2011

Working Class Hero

TOP- John Lennon "Working Class Hero" DIY muscle tee
JEANS- Kohls
BELT- Mom's closet
SUNNIES- Flashback Thrift
     I usually take all the photos for my looks. I get very uncomfortable in front of the camera knowing someone is watching my every move through the lens. But I loved this spot and I took my brother out, so I made him take these of me. He is probably the only person I would trust to take them. Everyone else doesn't listen to what I want or I get too nervous. Anyways, that's him behind me in the last shot. He did not want me to post any photos of him because he said "Look at what I am wearing!" So, to give him props, he dresses way nicer than shown. My siblings and I are the biggest dorks/nerds anyone could meet. That photo is just a glimpse of his bizarre personality.
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Black/ White/ and Maroon/

1. Deena & Ozzy Felt Har UO 

2. Chantelle Eternelle Demi bra JOURNELLE3. Sweet Heart Sunglasses OU 4. Oversize Pocket Blouse MODEKUGEN
5. Giuseppe Zanotti I17017 nero GUISEPPEZANOTTIDESIGN
6. BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean - Black  UO7. Feathered Gypset Earrings FREDFLARE8. Misty Leather Cuff Bracelet SHOPBOP

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not That Exciting

TOP- thrift
BELT- thrift
BRACELETS- yard sales
SUNNIES- thrift
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Blue Light | Bloc Party

BELT- mother's closet
SHOES- Sam Edelman booties
JEWELRY- thrifted
SUNNIES- Flashback Thrift

     The silver ring is actually being sold on NastyGal. I did not buy it from there, I got it years ago at the thrift store I used to work at. But it is nice to know I got mine for a buck and theirs is ten. Anyways, if you want it, here is the link: Fly High Ring - NastyGal.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oil Pastel Experimentation

     I never use colour in my art because, plain and simple, no medium works well with me. So I started using my rotting oil pastels one day out of boredom and I found a colorful medium I can use! I love it. All my art (around 5 pieces) have been sketches and practice, but I really like it.
     The photo above is a tiny chunk of my first one. I am not posting the full yet since it is not finished. The color makes it look spiritual, so I love it. My favorite result so far.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pink, a blur, and cats

     When everything goes wrong in a day, I love lounging with my kittens. Wasting my makeup supplies on a night's worth of getting ready despite the fact I was not going to see any moonlight. When I dress myself up I love it. I like to think I am far from girlie, but this really entertains me. Anyways, random post on cats and poor image quality.

Nasty Gals do it Better Pt2

Monday, July 25, 2011


TOP- Buffalo Exchange
NECKLACES- thrifted
GOLD CUFF- thrifted 
PURSE- thrifted
TURBAN- thrifted from a Broadway dancer two years ago!

     A nice day to take a break from work and enjoy my new set of clothes in their new found outfit. It is never a too hot of a day to wear leather. After all, leather is the love of my life. You can not just throw out your love over the weather.

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Thrifed Treasures

     Went to San Diego the other day and finally went into that thrift store, Flashback, where the leather shorts were lining the walls...they were all gone. Just my luck, but I should have foreseen this. Anyways, I got a great amount of new treasures: sheer top/dress, Star Wars tee (my sister secretly bought for me), a nirvana thermal, a warm grey pea-coat, new round sunnies, sheer under shirt grey tank, a cat-floral vest, american apparel onsie, a sheer vintage onesie, and a garter belt.
     I found super cute suede pink high waist shorts and a suede brown snake print high waist short, but of course they did not fit me. After spending all my money, we ate at a Greek restaurant on the street. I had never had Greek food, and yet I ate there I still have not. I ordered a cheeseburger, and it was a damn good one. Yum.