Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Love of my Life: Leather

Got this jacket from bebe for I believe 40 bucks or so. I bought it because I needed a new leather jacket since my "friend" stole both of my other two. I loved it for a day, and now I am looking for a new one. The back scrunches...and I am not into that. I also wish it was a little longer..Otherwise it'd be perfect. I find flaws in everything, blame my Virgo nature.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Wall Coatings

My walls are coated with random mixes of themes. One is covered in yard sale finds: my vinyls consisting of The Doors, Pat Benatar, and Michael Jackson. Another is full of frames I also discovered at yard sales. Then I have another with a large shelf full of my vintage camera collection. My room looks like a thrift store threw up on it.

Delicately Metal

Top-thrifted // shorts-DIY // bra-Urban Outfitters // Sam Edelman wedges-solestruck // belt-Hot Topic // anklet-thrifted
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My stomach may not be the thin everyone wishes it could be, but this outfit to too cute to pass up due to insecurities. I am planning on eating healthier, yadda yadda ya, but loosing weight is a process. And it will not stop me from wearing what I want.

Leaving Neverland

blouse-American Apparel // vest-thrifted //high waist shorts-American Apparel
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