Friday, September 25, 2015

Create your own Surplice Top

SHOE JEWELRY yard sale
CHOKER thrift

There is a top at Urban Outfitters by BDG that I have been dying to get my hands on. It is a thinnly striped, softest material, breezy surplice top. It costs, however, around $79 dollars. Fuck that.

I ignored the fact I wanted this tee because even though it appeared to be nicely made, it just was not worth it. Then I was walking around with my boyfriend one day and came across this stripped tee. Same stripes, soft material, yet not a surplice design. 

I bought it oversized, unbuttoned it at home, stapled a few safety pins, and wallah
I got myself a $10 surplice top..

It isn't just like the one I wanted. It has its cheap flaws of not drapping correctly or not being sewn off. But I like it because I can unpin it and have another regular button down. 
Two in one, BDG! ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2015


DEEP V PLAYSUIT local store

I am back b*tches! I finally moved into my new home, all by myself, and have my own corner dedicated to where I will be shooting any indoor 'shoots' I have in the future. I am quite proud of this area and once everything else in my apartment is picture perfect, you will be seeing more.

This outfit is simple because it is all about the new bra I got. A knock-off look from one of my favorite brands For Love & Lemons. Not a fan of knock-offs? Well my bank account is and thanks me. I love it. Covers me in the right places and makes this simple outfit much more elevated.

Not much of shopping from me for the last few months, the current me thanks myself (and my Aunt's wise words and advice). I will be keeping it that way. However, I plan to find bargain peices or cheaper items that are worth that 10 dollars 50 cents.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Kaftan Discothèque poolside at the Ace Hotel


 Attended a poolside 70's theme party over at the Ace Hotel. 
Flowing robes, arms a-stretched to the sun with disco floating on the breeze, over 200 ft above the city on the rooftop of the Ace Hotel, Los Angeles.Kaftan Discothèque DJed and sold kaftans. My boyfriend and his friend both got there own. It was so hot I took advantage of the no pants option. 

I have been away from the blog this month. I moved yet again to switch to a school that was not under a scorching 115 degree sun. Birthdays galore all this month. New baby neice etc. 

Hope all you kitties are having as much of a busy yet satisfying summer as I have been.

<3 Anda Brea


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Wishlist 2015

A bit of a cluster-f*ck on the wishlist photo this coming month. Why? Because it is my birthday month! So the more of a wishlist the better! I am lusting after a few repeats, but none-the-less, original and exquisite pieces.

First up, I love the For Love & Lemons Orchid Bondage Bra in blue. I want to get a colorful and vibrant bra to wear under see-thru or draped tops. Just to add a little pop to my wardrobe. Another FL&L item I love is their Vienna Crop. I love the sexy tribal coverage in just the right places. Wear it under overalls or a blazer and people would definitely be talking about it.

Next are a couple I think go hand in hand. I am a walking heater. Luckily I do not sweat as much as I should, but I get hot quick! A tube top allows your underarms to have an easy breeze and style to any simple outfit. If a tube top or off the shoulder top cut isn't for you, a fringed arm cuff can make a tank top look as if it has off the shoulder sleeves. Or even wear it to the beach with your swim suit top (if you don't mind the tan lines!). This accessory really is an outfit changer!

Romantic dresses as above are simply a must for any girl. You can wear it to festivals, formal dinner parties, or a quick stop at the super market. It can be worn everywhere despite the lacy details.  Why? Romantic dresses, as defined by myself, are flowy and (even though classy) are very down to earth. I imagine a girl running through the woods laughing when I think of them.

Lastly, and very self explanitory, elegant chokers. I am digging elegance and comfort lately. Wear a uni-toned beaded choker with basically anything and it makes the outfit a lot more different from the norm.  1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/