Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Personal Day on Hollywood Blvd

The fam came out to see me the other day and my sister's boyfriend took a few shots of me (see them in my previous post Unif²). But we all hung out on Hollywood Blvd. Samiya, my niece, was being a big brat! haha As you can see I am mocking her in the photos above. I am such a great auntie ;) We ate at the Umami Burger. It was so delicious, the ahi tuna burger is amazing and I am still craving it. The waiter, however, totally sucked. Asked for lemons three times even though he was kind of quick and snotty about getting them. Whatever, no good tip for you I guess.

I took some photos in front of this weird building. It was a Jesus shop? Coexist type of stuff? Skelekton plates? Wacko? Whatever it was the painting outside was awesome and I hope to go back and take more style photos there!

Hope all is well so far in 2015!

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