Monday, January 12, 2015

Every gal should have an oversized plaid top.

GREEN PLAID BUTTON UP SHIRT (similar here) thrift
EAGLE MIDI RING (buy the gold one here) H&M
BLACK JEANS urban outfitters
SCARF thrift

My Black Friday package from TWO MONTHS ago finally arrived. I have been writing them back-and-back, not back-and-forth, due to the fact that they kept not returning my emails. I would write them for my tracking code email (which should have come a few days after my purchase) and they would say "opps we are out of ___. Do you want a refund or store credit? We will send you a tracking email soon." 

I let them know I do NOT want store credit but please a refund. Then asked when I would receive the tracking email. I would wait a week with no more response and have to write them AGAIN and ending up with new people. "opps we are out of ___, ___, and ____. Would you want store credit or a refund. We will send your email soon." More and more items starting going out of stock with the time going by. I already said I only want refunds. This happened 5 times...

I will show you what else I got, but honestly I will never shop from them again. It was the MOST frustrating conversation I have ever had. I talked to someone new every time because they would never respond. UGG. Such a waste of some pretty cool things.

Hope all is well. I will write you kitties later <3

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