Monday, August 4, 2014


I will never take this halter off! It is amazingly beautiful! I have wanted it forever, worth the $20 shipping fee from Australia I had to pay. (Right now I think they are have a free shipping world-wide so go get one now before they quit it!) If you are going to buy these jeans, I recommend you go into the store and try them on rather than order them online. They have no stretch, however, I bought mine three years ago. Due to some weight gain, they've become a bit snug and make my tummy look fatter than it is. They were $88 when I bought them and still are, so I am not going to give up on them. I am sure they look MUCH more flattering on gals (or dudes ;) ) that get them in the right size. As for the tiger head backpack, I ordered it from eBay and it arrived quickly (quicker than the seller said!!) but the package was DESTROYED. It looked like it survived Hell. Nothing was damaged, and not sure whose fault it was. Purchase at your own risk.

SILVER EYE HALTER discount universe
WHITE DENIM SIDE ZIP PANT american apparel

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