Thursday, August 14, 2014

Saturday's "BBQ LANDS"

"BBQ" Lands is a meeting point for all the Outside Lands gang! Felix, Jeff, Chris, and their other roomate (I forgot his name 0.0) cook food from scratch to serve to everyone! Jeff and Felix are definitely the sweetest, funniest, respectful, gentleman (sorry bf!) I have ever met. I wanted to propose to them on the spot. We went with them last year and yet again they have the most hospitality anyone could know. They take care of you, make sure you're happy and comfortable.Jeff goes around pouring shots for you while Felix finishes the cooking. Then we walk, yes it is walking distance, to Golden Gate Park. We were only a mile and a half away. SO much fun and it went by too fast.
^^ just making ways to sneak in my camera...

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