Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Current Obsession: Blue

     My favorite color is red, however, I do not wear red due to my pink-toned skin. Red makes me look pinker in color than I really am. So, I stick to neutral colors to balance it out: brown, green, black, etc. My latest obsession is the color blue!
     When I was younger blue was my favorite color. Born under virgo, sapphire is my birthstone. My favorite Spice girl Baby Spice wore it often. And to my favorite Hanson brother, Taylor (duh), blue was also his favorite color. Then I became a Ginger Spice fan and out was blue and in was red ;3
     Red still remains my favorite color, and though I was repulsed by my birthstone till this year, blue is making a comeback! I love the pop of blue of a girl's shoes with a very plain outfit. Blue hair beats pink any day. Blue is also so elegant and matches a man's suit easier than red. Currently I am trying to find the perfect blue trench-coat and romper. Soon, soon.

photos courtesy of google/pinterest

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