Saturday, July 30, 2011

Working Class Hero

TOP- John Lennon "Working Class Hero" DIY muscle tee
JEANS- Kohls
BELT- Mom's closet
SUNNIES- Flashback Thrift
     I usually take all the photos for my looks. I get very uncomfortable in front of the camera knowing someone is watching my every move through the lens. But I loved this spot and I took my brother out, so I made him take these of me. He is probably the only person I would trust to take them. Everyone else doesn't listen to what I want or I get too nervous. Anyways, that's him behind me in the last shot. He did not want me to post any photos of him because he said "Look at what I am wearing!" So, to give him props, he dresses way nicer than shown. My siblings and I are the biggest dorks/nerds anyone could meet. That photo is just a glimpse of his bizarre personality.
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  1. love the photos! you look pretty!

  2. Hello, I love your blog and its looks are beautiful! I'm from Brazil and I have a blog too, please follow me back ...!

  3. @Joanna, thank you!

    @Luciana, I will give you a look. And thanks :)

  4. i love the shirt :D