Monday, July 11, 2011

Nineties Bloomer

sweater-yard sale // BDG high waist jeans-UO // vintage leather boots-yard sale // jewelry-thrifted/yard sales // hat-OU // flower clip-childhood // bag-thrifted
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     My mom came home with this sweater the other day. I love it so much. I tried it on, ignoring the proce tag still dangeling from the inside, and fell in love with the fit and material. I went to pull off the tag, and my curiousity discovered the sweater was originally bought for $150 bucks! My mom got it for $1 buck. What a bargaine.
     Majority of my items come from thrift stores, yard sales, or old things I find from my childhood (hence the flower clip). The best things are the ones that find you. When I shop at name brand stores I can not find anything that fits me right or looks good. Thrift stores have it all.

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