Friday, July 1, 2011

Rusted Rose

deep v one piece-American Apparel // BGD high waist pant-Urban Outfitters // fringe shawl-local store // Sam Edelman wedge-Solestruck // snake bracelet-thrifted
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I wore this outfit when I went shopping on Melrose, LA with my friends, WHAT A REGRET. I loved this shawl so much (despite that the fringe gets caught and pulled on everything) but I saw it at two stores. It was even being advertised on a mannequin outside of one of them, so I creeped by it quickly before my friends could say anything. Also, at that store I had the most awkward experience. If you come up to me and stalk and wait when I come out of the changing room then tell me "you look good in that shirt" or "that shirt is perfect for you": you have instantly turned me off of the product and I want OUT. They followed me like I was meat and they were the lions. 


  1. Wicked outfit & photos!

  2. Watch out for those people that work on commission!

  3. That's the word I was looking for (commission). They made me feel guilty and creeped out at the same time.