Tuesday, May 1, 2012


American Apparel chiffon top | Romwe shorts & claw ring | thrifted belt & leather vest | Kohls heels
see this look on lookbook.nu!

These are my go-to-shorts, which I ordered online on Romwe.com. They did not have my size (24) so I ordered one size up, and they are actually way too big on me. Every time I am in public I get scared that people can see my cheeks hang out :O Or if I go up stair people can see right up them like a skirt! Despite the cons that should make these shorts unwearable, I still like them cause they are cozy and I feel the flatter my legs. If you would like to purchase them, check them out here: romwe.com

The leather vest I got from a thrift store. It was only a buck due to the duct-tape insides, rips and tears throughout the thing, and worn outlook AKA my style. I love worn clothes that nobody wants.. I made this another of my personal closet favorites. It just needs some love.

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