Saturday, May 19, 2012

House warming party!

I'm no classy bitch. I love my beer pong and grinding music blasting as friends mingle and shot out the lyrics they believe are correct. My sister moved in with one of my high school friends (odd if you ask me) and one of her close friends she has known for years. The place needs more clean up but it has a lot of potential. Plus, with my interior design skills :3 I will make it awesome.

Top photo is me posing next to joseph gordon-levitt's doppelganger. He is Jenni's boy that I messed with all night about how much he looked like him. He hated it. Second photo: Jenni, Maze, and me. Third: a stranger. And the last one: Jeff, Fady, Chris, and their banfs guitarist whom I forgot the name of. Nathan I believe? Fady is the boy I have been seeing. All I can say is Chhhheeeeoooww! Libra boys so far are amazing.


  1. What a blast, Anda! I have my beer pong experiences too, you know. :) If I'm not mistaken, beer pong was believed to have originated from the fraternities of Dartmouth College during the 1950s and 1960s. You all look so cute in the pictures, by the way.

    Corey Glenn

  2. You're right, Corey. :) Personally, the best part of playing beer pong is the distraction. Hahaha! Oh how I love to distract my opponent, especially when he/she misses. That's a sign that I can turn the game around, you know. :P

    Rob Feckler

  3. Beer pong is one of the best ways to bond with your friends while drinking, you know. :) It's totally fun! I remember the last time we played beer pong, one of our opponents was pretty distracting, in every sense of the word of “pretty” and “distracting”. Unfortunately, my partner was a guy and he fell for them, and eventually, we lost! LOL But we won the second and third rounds, though. :P

    Jessie Henn