Friday, May 11, 2012


UO sweater and bralette | old H&M trend floral tights | Jeffrey Campbell suede night walk boots
see this look on! & VOTE for my look :3

So this is the outfit that came to mind when I entered the GUESS x LB Contest! Claudia Schiffer is clearly a babe and channels sexy and quirky in every photo of this shoot. She was wearing some printed pants and shows her stomach a lot, which I never wear! So these tights I have had hidden in my jours resurfaced for my attempt to make this shoot my own. The tags were still on them too! I never wore them and fell in love with them when I saw them on Frida of lookbook several years ago. Back when I believe I joined lookbook! Anyways, I added a touch of myself and Claudia to my photos. Hopefully it is visible as it is to me! 

If you are interested in entering go here! Or check out the 30 Sexy Years campaign lookbook at:
The ad is too cute! 

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  1. hey girl! I think your lookbook shots are gorgeous on this one! you'd make the ultimate guess girl.

    The colored photos are just as amazing as the B&W...
    Seeing those shots just made me want to pull out of the running. haha