Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kittie's Remembrance Picnic

In Memory of

(Kittie) Symone Lisa Faust

May 31, 1990 - March 28, 2012
I know Kittie probably would not consider me a friend, cause we weren't. But in all honesty, your death is killing me. You were a "Redlands Legend." I admired that you never cared what anyone would think about you and you did whatever the fuck you wanted. All the free spirits of our generation are dying too soon. You and Sammy were awesome people. I don't understand why we have to loose the best of us.
Your death has changed my mindset a bit. I realize I need to appreciate those around me much more cause we never know what will happen tomorrow. I need to get over petty fights and love my enemies like I once did when they were considered friends. You brought everyone together at the park and it is obvious that you were much loved and still are. You will not be forgotten.
 The only picture I have with you...and it looks as if I am strangling you. whatevs.


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