Wednesday, April 11, 2012

From this :) to that :(

Received my Urban Outfitters purchases today! I was so excited to open it. Not that I bought anything out of the extraordinary, but I love new things. Everything I got was on sale and I have been watching it, so I was so happy. Then I noticed one of the headwraps was broken already! -_-' I hate returning items. I only purchase online merchandise when I know I don't have to return it. I took a photo of the broken thing up top. I might just fix it myself but not too sure yet. Everything else fits/looks perfect though. So no doubt am I disappointed (maybe just a little).

Anyways, my baby girl Nnqui jumped into the box while I was taking a few snapshots (cause I am dorky). I don't understand a cat's obsession with boxes! Although, when I was little I loved sleeping in boxes and tight I guess I can understand.

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  1. Hahha, you have the cutest kittens. And the prettiest face !