Monday, September 26, 2011

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Photo Credit is not mine: tumblr / Abbey Lee / Wristcutters / Natasha Poly / Willa Holland / Shane from The L Word / 5 inches and up / Olivia Wilde
     I want to aim toward a more laid back look. I hate looking like I try, which sounds odd, but there is no other way my brain can explain. I want more metal jewelry, bulk pieces, slouchy jeans/shorts, tight jeans, high high high heels. I want my heels to be the eye catcher and everything else to tone it down. Then my makeup will also be a little more interesting, not as boring as I always do it. My makeup really white and blended (I SUCK at makeup) or get tanned. Tanning won't happen, so I will work my pale magic. Spider leg eyelashes and nice hair. My hair needs work too...

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