Friday, September 9, 2011

I skinned the monster under my bed.

CHIMERA TOOTH NECKLACE- Resistance 3 game exclusive borrowed from my brother
TOP WITH FRINGE- foreign exchange
SHORT- American Vintage
SKULL ANKLET- yard sale
I skinned the monster under my bed.
It crept and tormented the thoughts in my head.
The beast stayed hidden and I rarely made a peep,
until one night I snuck a peak.
I waited til it slept to pull up the covers,
and what I saw I never thought I'd discover.
The beast had long black fur, beautiful as night.
And its fangs sparkled and were a magnificent sight.
The monster was large and scary,
But the greed inside me was un-bearing.
I pulled the beast from under my bed,
eyes flaring with lustful red.
It fought but it only made me dig my claws in deeper
The tide has turned, and I was now the reaper.
I skinned the monster from under my bed.
How it was done is better left unsaid.
Now I wear its teeth around my throat,
and its hide as a long warning coat.
Monsters no longer try to scare me,
Nights can finally be slept soundly.

     I got so bored, and I thought I could write a quick poem for my next look. I wanted to have a theme. So that is what I got...haha. Note: It was written in 5 minutes, so bear with me! You can comment on it if you like with suggestions, wheather you hate/like it. It was just for fun! 
     I also purposefully made my upper lip darker. I like it like that, just need to find the right color! Enjoy the post.
Anda Brea <3
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