Thursday, September 15, 2011

     Last Monday I spent the afternoon and night with my sister at her appartment. Our friends Carolyn and Kasey came over and we spent the day chatting, watching movies, eating, and enjoying ourselves. We made dip that was delicious! But we went outside for Kasey's smoke and when we came back in my sister's dog Leia (the blue eyed pup) had one of the dips under the table licked clean. Then Zoe (the blue eye/brown eyed pup) had the pther one in her mouth! So that was ruined. Thank God her neighbor came over (a culinary student!) with a deliecious meal she prepared. She saved our appetite.
     I always say I hate girls I would rather chill out with boys, but a girls' night must happen more often. I just need to choose my girl friends wisely.

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  1. Hmm i'd have to say the same about the guys vs girls thing and having to choose girlfriends more wisely as well. Btw, those dogs are gorgeous! Are they still puppies? They look small, still.