Saturday, January 2, 2016

Best of 2015: Your Favorite Posts/Outfits + A Few Facts

2015 did me well. My goal was to put more time and effort into this blog and I believe I succeeded. I had many ups and downs this year, but like most things I don't regret anything. Everything is a lesson to be learned I believe.

I noticed my style has really morphed this year compared to 2014. Last year I focused more on grunge and simplicity along with very minimal colors. I noticed this year I embraced more colors and patterns into my wardrobe. I played with layering and stepped out of my comfort zone. 

2015 I tried to put more of my other passion, writing, into the blog as well. I wrote a few "articles" (I like to call them) about things that I felt needed more of a spotlight: my anxiety disorder and the "war" on equal opportunity objectification.

your 5 favorite posts
WARNING: Contains Nudity
WARNING: A Look inside My Personal Disorder
A Quick Look-See of my New Apartment.
White Out
Desert Living

random facts

  • Your all time favorite post is from 2011: here.
  •  My overall "following" is mainly located in the US, Russia, an Germany.
  • I had silver, blue, and brown hair this year. I also chopped it!
  • This year over 50,000 people visited my blog!
  • My most popular label is "Personal Style." 
  • I lived in Los Angeles, Palm Desert, and (now) completely on my own this year.
  • I am now an Auntie to two beautiful nieces.
  • I may have lost a few connections, but recently discovered what true love is.

 Most Viewed Outfits per month

I truly enjoyed 2015. My business is doing better than ever, I have some great cameras to capture every moment I can possibly imagine, and I am only growing in the blog world. I hope you all had a great year and all I can really say now is YOU READY 2016?



  1. Great post. Love your blog and the images are too sexy.

  2. Just wanted to tell you I really enjoy reading your blog! I'm really excited each time I see a new post, your photography and your style are so on point~ Plus, you seem to be a genuinely good person :)
    I really hope you continue what you're doing for a very long time!

    Best wishes (from one of your faithful German readers, haha)