Thursday, August 4, 2011

I wear scuffed-up shoes with pride.

SHORTS- DIY cut off shorts
JEWELRY- thrift
PURSE- thrift
BELT- thrift
SOCKS-dollar store
     I wear scuffed-up shoes with as much pride as a girl in her brand new Louis Vuitton. I like my stuff to looked worn (aka loved) ha. This is the first outfit within the last few years I wore in public that contained NO black. But I loved this outfit today. This was my favorite top, until it went missing for a month or so and I found it in my so-called "friend's" hiding spot in her room with a TON of other clothes and jewelry she stole from my sister and me. She ripped this shirt to shreds by, I am guessing, trying to stretch it out? There are so many holes and the whole seam is torn at the bottom. Not to mention, I also found this purse at her house... -_-'
   So I guess I dedicate this post to Autumn, my so-called-friend.
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  1. love the outfit! and the top is so cute!

  2. Great pictures.
    I envy you about your hair :o