Thursday, February 19, 2015

STOP FOLLOWING ME (...but don't really).

WHITE DENIM SIDE ZIP PANT american apparel
links to jewelry from this post on my haul post

I wanted to do an all white ensemble. I know I am trying to avoid these inside posts but I also wanted an all white background for this outfit. So it just happened. Props to the model on the Forever 21 website modeling this tee. I could not get a good photo showing you the whole written back! I got the smallest size (small) so I do not understand why I could not do it haha. Anyways, I love this tee! Reminds me of the UNIF Jacket 'Stop Following Me' (I wonder why...). I did not realize it was so transparent till I took these photos. Does not look as photographed but I do not mind that. I really like how soft this shirt is and basic. I need and want more basics in my life - clothing wise that is ;). 

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