Thursday, February 5, 2015

How my cat inspired my recent purchase.

When I saw this top my first reaction was "Fashion 101: pink and green combination outfits were supposed to be left in the 2nd grade." Despite the fact it was a musky green and rusty rose color, I decided to get it. I did not have the guts to put it down. I felt the need to get it. The velvet and sheer were delicate and pretty. Plus I was at the goodwill. This "top" I will make a dress was only a $1.50 or so. If I do not end up liking it I can always chuck it.

Laying in my bed this morning my cat, Ddenam, was being her typical self. She was laying next to me, trying to get as close to my face as possible. My other cat, Nnqui, was playing on the window sill, the sunrays were peeking thru the blinds onto Ddenam's face. Making the green in her eyes glow and the orange zigzag pattern in them pop.

My camera was only a foot away, so I grabbed it and snuck in a few photos of her. (If she notices me taking pictures of her, she shys away. She is a very smart girl). I love her eyes. They are beautiful! The natural pattern of them looks like the galaxy rests in her mind.

Then it hit me, this color combo and pattern reminds me of something I just bought. That musky dress from the Goodwill? At the time I bought this "dress" I did not connect the dots. I look at her every day and think how beautiful she is (oh what a cat lady I truely am!). Her eyes are green with the orange lines. Her nose is pink. What an ugly combo in real life, but it looks just right on her. Now that I compare my cat's green eyes and rose nose to the dress it is obvious: over my years of owning her, pink and green was wired into my head as beautiful.

What an 'artsy' (?) way of buying a dollar dress.

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  1. Gorgeous top! And very cute cat!;)