Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Wishlist 2015

A little late...okay very late. I did not have a set wishlist at the beginning of this month. Whaaaaat?! Yep. I did not have anything really in particular I wanted besides like two things. I was going to save those for March's Wishlist, but realizing it is half a month away, my taste may change by then.

 This month I am craving artsy swimwear just in time for summer, beautiful delicate lingerie (preferably anything For Love & Lemons), statements shoes, healing crystals, and camel! Minimale Animale's Bandit suit is absouletly perfect. It has everything I want in a swimsuit: artsy and sexy. I like the show-off cut of the bum and the trianglular top would really enhance my ladies. Lingerie is on my list because mine are all dull and worn. And when better to crave new lingerie in time for Valentine's Day. I really wanted the lace bra by FL&L but held off due to the price. I mean, $130 for a bra was a bit much for me. I am very happy I waited though because their new collection's Snapdragon bra is much better. Statement shoes are a must for me during the summer. I can not rely on my coats and pants to stand out in my outfits due to the heat. The shoes can turn any boring outfit into something spectacular. The fourth thing on my list is something I have been reading into as of lately, healing crystals. Audrey Kitching has her online boutique of crystals made fashionable and I absoutely love it. I am a very stressful person due to my social anxiety and I also believe in the natural earth's mystical ways. Stones have a magical property if treated correctly to bring harmony to your life. And even if you are a skeptic, what is so harmful? They are beautiful just as decoration none-the-less. Lastly, camel. I love the camel and gray combo SO MUCH. I want to start to incorporate it into my summer style. A camel skirt will be my first starting piece. But if I did happen to find a cute camel tank, then perhaps I would go that route. ;) 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

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