Monday, November 17, 2014

Why I love Mondays

The words least spoken: "I love mondays."

I sadly work every weekend. The only days my boyfriend has off, I have on... So when Mondays come around I feel relaxed. Most people get ready for work and must deal with the hectic traffic of Los Angeles. Not me. My favorite things to do is just lounge around with my kitties. They love it, that's for sure. I catch up with my unread magazines, take a few photos for my blog, or order some take out! My job is hard (anesthesia-free dog and cat teeth cleaning) so I deserve it! ;)

At the risk of sounding disgusting, I hate showering. I waste so much water and just want out of there as soon as possible. I am a kitty at heart. So, Mondays are usually the days I wash my mane since it takes foooooooooorever due to the product I must use to keep it silver. Why does this chore work on a Monday? Because my roommate leaves for her job and I am free to roam around in my chonies and air dry! So lovely to be able to go topless in your home.

Who else is a secret Monday lover ;3

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