Thursday, November 20, 2014

feelin' blue

SWEATER my aunt's
WEDGE BOOT gojane 
JEWELRY yard sale/thrift

I guess you could say one good thing that comes from being 5'1 is that tops can be worn as dresses! This one is a bit iffy, if I bend over my booty is out - but duh - I will wear shorts underneath. The sweater is one my aunt has owned for fooooorever. I always wanted it and compliment her when she wears it. Her eyes are blue and she just looks amazing in it. She was getting rid of clothes and decided it was time for it to move in with me.

You'll notice in my hand photos my fingers are torn up! I am sadly a gal with some extreme social anxiety (I don't think I have ever posted about it before?....). I take anxiety pills and have to carry xanex in my purse because "my body randomly has panic attacks for no reason." As told to me by my doctor. I am not embarrassed I take pills. My alarm on my phone to remind me to take my pill is "crazy pill" and the song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley plays. People think I should be ashamed of it, but that is just me. I don't rely on them, the way my body was created makes me need them.

As a result, I have a nervous habit of picking my fingers. Not attractive. I look like a druggy.. but I just can't help it. I normally wear black nail polish to try to hide it. How does that hide it? The dark color makes my skin not look so pink, and I feel it drowns it out a bit. 

Anyways, sorry I didn't photoshop my fingaaas. ;)

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