Sunday, November 9, 2014


I couldn't help myself. I guess my November Wishlist came true early in the month. The Ladakh x UO Margot Faux Fur Jacket went 50% off (and still is)! I had my eye on the pink one for forever, but I realized... I NEVER wear pink. Why start now with such a stand-outish piece to begin with? So, I went with the lovely navy. I quite love this coat. I am 5'1 and not the skinniest gal, but pretty small and it fits me on the verge of just right and a little too tight. Still keeping it. It is motivational to keep me fit.

Then the lovely Native Rose mix-print dress also went down in price by a lot! I just found this dress but it fit all the qualifications I wanted in a new dress. It has a mix of prints (as said in the name) and it is a comfortable. Not too girly or inconvenient.

Hope to post an outfit with them soon!

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