Friday, October 24, 2014

LOVEYOUDUH's Kris Sugatan

Not going to lie, I just discovered this girl's blog! But none-the-less, I love her style and considered her worthy of my "blogger inspo" tag! Woo, what an honor right- no haha.Whatever photo editor/camera/photographer she uses I want in. All her photos have a disposable camera or vintage effect. She is also a bit of a chameleon. One photo she is wearing faux fur with tights and a crop top. Then the next she posts an outfit in a tailored dress and has a more formal casual look. She rocks them both and I respect that. Plus, look at dem legs. They go for days ;)

"...she vomits the plethora of her visual archive. fashion is her discipline. sounds, mischief, friends, words, adventure is her art."
give her blog a visit here

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