Saturday, July 26, 2014

Outside Lands Inspo 2014

     I can not wait to return to San Francisco's Outside Lands for my third year! I have two weeks left and I have no idea what I am going to wear this year. The first year I was told it was freezing cold. Nope, you walking around, consumption of alcohol, and all the body heat definitely warms you up. Last year my sister wore shorts and a tank.. I have a bizarre amount of heat penetrating from my body constantly (so exhausting) so I can pull that off. I bought articles of clothing to possibly wear. Some of them being halters, pants, new booties, and cute shorts.Also bought new lens' for my iphone so if I won't miss a thing. Speaking of cameras, this year I will NOT forget to bring my charger for my Canon. I forgot it and the SD Card last year and had to strictly rely on a polaroid camera from Urban Outfitters. Yea the photos came out pretty great, but you get no second chances and it is expensive. (see those photos here).
     I am going to try to make a chart of what I am going to wear cause I lost charts! And I will try to post that up to you guys soon!

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