Friday, June 27, 2014

purse 'n boots' Ashley Glorioso

So basically this is my outfit goals! Right here, right above ya! This girl has everything I want and need, including the money! HA. She is a stylist for big name brands' look books and she does it well. Not only well, but extraordinary. I mean look at her? They wouldn't have to go thru her portfolio. They'd hire her on the spot for her personal wardrobe. I am in love with her tomboy-kill-girly vibe. She takes even girly pieced and blends them perfectly with harsh pieces that totally wipes the girly-vibe clean. That is what I thought I did...however, everyone still calls me girly. So I guess I am wrong haha. I went thru her WHOLE BLOG yesterday to pick out the outfits (as such above) and shit, maybe I am off, but she predicted this years trends two years ago. She is probably two years ahead of our trends. I noticed she also does not sell out like I have noticed some of my old favorite bloggers do. Aka, their blog starts to become popular and stores send in their clothes to them to wear in their blogs, but they don't style it like themselves... it is a whole new persona. She sticks with her style thru the ages, and it is exactly what I want!

"...i love this skirt. love the shit out of it. its so see thru and pretty so of course i have to de-girly it with a super holey tee and a harness..."
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