Monday, September 10, 2012

September wishlist

1. Gotta love UNIF. The UNIF Axl Pants are everything I would dream of in a leather pant. High waist, total rock look down to the metal pocket detail. I may have to invest in these puppies so I can rid my closet of those sorry-ass "leather pants" I bought to fill my void. It didn't work. Don't settle ladies ;3

2. Of course, more UNIF on my wishlist. I could put their whole site, but I figured I'd get down to the basics. One of my favorite quotes of all time by Timothy Leary, "Think for yourself, question authority." So it is pretty obvious why I'd like to rock the "Question Everything" jean jacket.

3. Still on the hunt for a leather, long waist coat. Yep, such a disappointment I went through another summer without one..

4. Hooker 7"/8" heels, cause I'm a classy white trash hoe.

5. Bubble umbrella with red trim from UO. Seriously can not wait for it to start raining and get cold.

6. Reflect-ant aviators.

7. Neon satchel to put a bit more fun into my mellow outfits. I dress so dull, but when I try to spice it up with colour it does not end pretty..

8. Jeffrey Campbell lust list: RodmanDamsel, Tardy, and not specifically the Meds but some lace up boots that go just below or a bit over my knee. I am so short I doubt this dream buy will be hard to find.

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